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International Association of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

We started our activity in 1995, and it is registered in the MIE Registration No.: 14668/95 with the aim of disseminating and promoting the use of hypnosis and other behavioral psychotherapies. And it fulfills the founding objective of creating a training center or academy of the same name with the intention of training its associates free of charge and new students. Since 1995 we have maintained a permanent line of training for professionals in psychotherapy and hypnosis.
Hypnosis is not an official science, therefore it is not governed by the same academic criteria as other disciplines, and the Ministry of Education has no influence on training programs.

AIHCE, being an association with training capacity, draws on the best professionals in the field to ensure its members and students the best training.  AIHCE Teaching Staff

Our former students guarantee our quality and seriousness in training. We believe that quality is always better than quantity, even so our courses are the most complete in real study material, not nonsense and waste of time.
We know that academic professionals demand optimal teaching quality, both in audio, video and text materials, as well as additional information from our files. as we also give the possibility that any ex-student request advice or help in certain cases. Your inquiries do not bother us.
Among the possibilities for former students are:

  • You can an AIHCE partner in your autonomous community or foreign country.
  • You can validate studies carried out in other centers, and be a professional recognized by AIHCE

A.I.H.C.E. Since February 2010, the International Association of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis has been declared an entity of public and social interest by the government of the Community of Navarra.

AIHCE is a non-profit entity and its brand is registered, therefore no one can use our name or logo without express authorization.
Our most precious achievement was the creation of a center for higher hypnosis studies, aimed at anyone who wishes to learn and develop a professional activity where they can use hypnosis. Doctors, Psychologists, Educators, Forensic Investigators, Marketing, etc.

Within the authority as a non-profit entity

We maintain social and academic relations with other academic centers, both private and state, and international associations dedicated to the investigation of scientific hypnosis.

We do not receive government subsidies, which allows us to develop our work freely and with a broad vision for a project of sustained international growth.
Achievements obtained
From 1995 to today we have grown permanently and every day we have more international presence.
Our face-to-face or distance courses, aimed at our associates, have given the possibility to professionals from other latitudes to be able to follow quality training in hypnosis and in constant updating.

The professional outlet that hypnosis offers today, in its most diverse specialties, makes many people value the possibility of incorporating this knowledge into their professional activity.
For all this, we do nothing but thank those who trusted us and we hope to continue improving day by day.