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Hypnosis Course: Clinical Hypnosis. Today it is one of the most powerful tools in psychotherapy. Our clinical hypnosis courses are developed by highly qualified professionals.

We have two modalities, fully online hypnosis courses and other intensive blended courses.

The AIHCE clinical hypnotherapy courses confer an internationally recognized certification for practicing hypnotherapists.

Knowing how to choose the hypnosis course that best suits your ambitions is a guarantee of success in training and security for the future performance of the clinical hypnotist profession.

Hypnotherapy is highly sought after by patients who want faster and more effective therapy. That’s why psychologists and healthcare professionals demand higher-level clinical hypnosis courses.

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AIHCE International Association of Hypnosis and Experimental

Hypnosis Courses

Qualified trainers

AIHCE has a highly qualified Staff. The facilitating members are professionals with extensive experience in behavioral psychology, clinical hypnosis and neurolinguistics.

Campus AIHCE 24/7 on line

Our virtual classroom offers availability 365 days a year. We use the most efficient and technological educational platform today, with constant updates.

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