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Master Class in Neuro Emotional Reconstruction -NER-
NER is a symbiosis of techniques psychotherapeutic

  • Heuristic Hypnosis -HH-
  • Opto Neural Stimulation -ONS
  • Neurophysiological decoding. -DN-
  • Creative Psychotherapy -PsC-

That they outline a simpler and more effective practice, which fundamentally uses a characteristic of our brain, which is what makes us make so many mistakes through false deductions or erroneous inferences.


Neuro Reconstruccion Emocional
Neuro Emotional Reconstruction

In some cases, all four techniques can be used together in multiple sessions and the order of use is not relevant, but you should also keep in mind that not all three techniques need to be used together.

And in other cases, such as phobias, we use only the ONS or the DN, which is determined by the psychologist or therapist as the therapy progresses, however, when the conflict proves too difficult, a regression through HM or a mixed technique of classical and heuristic hypnosis is always highly recommended

In a stressful or neuroshock situation, our brain is in charge of processing information at quantum speeds and responding to the situation. In this way, he also acquires experience, which allows him to develop his psychic activity in an adaptive or reactive way to the situation.

What is NER based on?

Fundamentally in the programming that we carry in our genes and that develops our mental capacity and the way we relate to others. To this we add the programming received involuntarily since our childhood (systemic self-hypnosis) and what we learn during life with imitation, education or the traumas to which we are exposed during life.

Neuro Emotional Reconstruction

Therefore, the NER uses the individual’s own programming and the deactivation of the neural packages involved in the conflict.

To understand better I would say that; sometimes we see a scar on our body but we don’t remember where we took it from, conflicts are scars in our memory that are engraved but even if we forget their cause or origin, they affect us.


Who is this course for?

For any professional or therapist who wants to learn Neuro Emotional Reconstruction.

No prior knowledge is required.

What does Neuro Emotional Reconstruction allow us?

Neuro Emotional Reconstruction uses various techniques Neurophysiological Therapists, Regressions and Past Life Therapy

Finding answers to conflicts and traumas from our previous lives
Learn to see life with more options for happiness
Overcoming fears and phobias
Overcome the fear of death
Discover the source of our failures and improve the future
Overcoming depression and sadness
heal the pain
Get over the inferior feeling
disease cure


Course program

  • Introduction to Neurosciences
  • Quantum brain functioning
  • New discoveries in neurogenetics and epigenetics
  • Basic neuro-regression technique and its variants
  • The first interview: anamnesis on the NES
  • How the NES Regression Session is Conducted
  • Opto Neuronal Stimulation Technique -ONS- (New technique to erase obsessive memories?
  • Therapeutic work of traumatic experiences
  • Relive death and the space between lives
  • Life before birth: conception, fetal life and birth.
  • Traumatic childhood experiences
  • Cure for diseases of psychogenetic origin

Master Class in Reconstruction
Neuro Emotional

and Opto Neuronal Stimulation
  • Access to all material in the virtual classroom
  • Video, audio, books, presentations
  • Email and video chat tutoring
  • Automatic online assessments
  • Tutor's personalized attention
  • Certificate with international validity
  • NER "Authorized Therapist" certificate for your country

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